Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Saddle...

Well, I've walked around that saddle log enough...thinking, researching, avoiding. But you never get very far or fast unless you get back in that saddle. Been there?

Maybe you guys can keep my feet to the fire. (okay, that is the last cliche I'll use...a big no-no in writing ;-)

For the coming year I plan to:
Blog (at least) weekly. And commit to make at least half of them entertaining?
Publish a third eBook - via Bumblebee House Ink.
(and one book every year after)

I certainly owe readers something new - more often than every 4 years. But to be honest, Land Run and Unseen took some 'percolating'.

The next novel title is likely Circus Town - but don't hold me to it. The story will be set primarily in Baraboo, Wisconsin with some excursions into Ukraine (please don't hold me to that either just yet).

It will involve some characters such as:

- An unemployed Ontologist (yes, blog spell-checker, that is a vocation)
- His genius uncle (who drives a camouflage-painted El Camino and sells lightening rods door-to-door.)
- Tesla
- Mark Twain
- A Ukrainian engineer
- And a circus clown named 'Lucky' - who could hold the keys to the future of mankind. (maybe don't hold     me to that just yet either)

Wishing all the best Monday possible!